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KVM Virtualization

KVM virtualization

Kernel-based Virtual Machine or KVM is a simulated platform for Linex kernel that converts it into a hypervisor. It was amalgamated in kernel version 2.6.20 into the Linux kernel mainline. It requires a processor that comes with hardware virtualization extensions. In the last decade, virtualization has gained popularity due to the development of open source virtual machine hypervisors.

There are several advantages and benefits of KVM Virtualization. Some of them are:

Full Virtualization

KVM is a full virtualization technology, therefore, no modification is needed in the guest operating system. It can easily support proprietary operating systems such as windows, and Linux without making any changes to them. The memory virtualization capability of KVM shows the full address space to the guests.

Lowest Cost

According to the recent market analysis, KVM is 60 to 90% less expensive than other solutions available in the market and offers the same level and number of functionality as other solutions offer. KVM is also value for money can effectively provide beneficial functionality that all businesses, whether big or small, can easily afford. By opting for KVM, companies can easily enjoy a large number of benefits at the cheapest rates.

Next-Level Security

As KVM is based on Linux, it uses advanced level of security which provides Mandatory Access Control (MAC) security among the virtual machines. It has also been awarded for meeting the security standards set by the government.

Open to all

KVM can be easily customized depending on a person’s requirements. The open environment of KVM does not limit the users unlike most of the other proprietary solutions available.

KVM is the default hypervisor in Linux. KVM automatically reflects new features and improvements to the Linux kernel thus making it an even more interesting solution.

Dedicated servers

Dedicated Servers Hosting

Dedicated Hosting Service, have you heard the term? Dedicated hosting service offers the capability of an entire server to only one business and one website without having to share that server with anyone else. This can be beneficial for businesses in a variety of ways, with some of them being –


When you have a server all for your website, your website enjoys a lot more flexibility. You can easily manage the configuration of dedicated servers which means that you will have more control as your business expands without thinking about whether the dedicated server will be able to accommodate your business requirements or not.


By opting for dedicated servers, there’s no need to be bothered about other business sites taking up space when your websites need it the most. Dedicated server crashes less thus giving your website the ability to offer reliable service to a large number of customers at the same time. It also allows your customers to view high definition videos and images at the same time.

Unique IP Address

Israel dedicated server comes with a unique IP address which means you won’t be sharing your IP address with other users. Their actions won’t reflect on your business and your IP won’t be blacklisted because of anybody’s fault. If you have an eCommerce business, dedicated IP becomes more important.

Enhanced Security

A dedicated server in Israel guarantees maximum uptime for your business website. If your website receives a large number of daily traffic, then dedicated servers will provide more security, reliability, and stability. With a dedicated server, you can be sure that you won’t be sharing the space with a potential spammer.

So if you are planning to start a new business and take over the internet world, make sure you pick up the right hosting plan.


IP Transit

Internet Protocol (IP) transit

Internet transit is a service which allows network traffic to cross a computer network and is generally used to connect smaller Internet Service Provider (ISP) to large internet. The internet is made up of a vast collection of networks and in order to get traffic from one user to another, all service providers need to have an interconnection mechanism.

The connections between two networks can be either direct or indirect. However, a majority of the connections are indirect as the providers do not have global network footprint and thus the traffic can be sent through different interconnections to reach the end user.

While this is not the complete list of the leading providers available worldwide, some of them are:

  • AT&T
  • NTT Communications
  • CenturyLink
  • XO Communications
  • GTT
  • Hurricane Electric
  • Telefonica
  • KPN
  • Level 3
  • TeliaSonera
  • Sprint
  • Tata Communications
  • Cogent
  • Verizon

You must have probably heard the term Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier 3, but do you know what does it actually mean? A Tier-1 carrier possesses a network that participates solely on the internet via settlement free interconnection. It has a direct connection to the internet and uses the network to deliver voice and data services.

A tier-2 carrier operator gets a portion of the network from the tier-1 operator through the concept of peering. However, the tier-2 providers also need to purchase IP transit to reach some portion of the internet. Tier-2 providers are the most common type of providers as it is much easy to purchase transit from Tier-1 network as compared to the situation when you want to peer with them and then become Tier-1 carrier. The term Tier-3 is used to describe networks that purchase IP transit from other networks to reach the internet.

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